We are strategic thinkers

is a strategic collective working with agencies, organisations and brands. We challenge them, we support them and we strengthen them.

What we do


We dive deep into brands and their positioning in the market. We dig up facts and figures and search for insights. We ask questions and use those insights to challenge teams. Together we start building a better strategy.


We make sure our strategies get suitable tactics and the right execution. In collaboration with creatives and designers we create a strategy that is the first step towards a brand that stands out from the crowd.


We believe that a brand can only exist if everyone of the team is on the same page. Therefor we empower teams to be an essential part of the brand and not merely an employee of it.

Who we are

Jan Seurinck

Jan Seurinck fell in love with computers at a young age but has kept the human centric approach in his marketing work. He’s a behavioural marketeer, a media geek and business strategist in one.

Kendy Smits

Kendy Smits starts with why. She asks the right questions and gets an overview really fast. She combines her strategic work and creative thinking. She will take no for an answer but won’t take bullshit.

Specialists who do the job

What is WIT

WIT is a strongly networked duo of specialised strategists. Together we have over 20 years of experience in marketing management and strategy. We like to call ourselves a strategic agency. Teamed up with good creative work and strong executives, we push brands forward.

Who we work for

We work for agencies as well as directly for brands. We are aiming for long term and strong relationships with trusted clients. We don’t do project work or halfhearted strategy workshops or brainstorms. We take our job too serious for that.

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